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Hunutlu 2×660MW Coal-fired Power Plant: The Main Block has been Sealed Roof
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    At the local time 17:00 pm, April 29, the main block of Hunutlu 2×660MW Coal-fired Power Plant (designed by ECEPDI and constructed by AEPC) has been sealed roof. The completion of this milestone provides necessary premises for the erection of both steam turbines.

  Due to Hunutlu Power Plant locates in the seismic region of the first intensity, thus, the designed seismic fortification intensity of the plant is to stand level 9 earthquake. Double-layer light roof system with thermal insulation is adopted for the roof of the main block. The total construction area is about 16240 m2. The color design of roof is inspired by the Mediterranean coast landscape, which gradually changes from blue, medium blue, light blue and gray white from east to west. During the construction, it coincides with the local rainy season and the influence of Mediterranean trade winds, the lifting progress is slow.

  We AEPC keep integrating resources to organize a leading team to work at site day and night to coordinate machinery, materials and construction. Fifty-six Chinese employees have operated with ladders, cranes, lifting platforms and other machinery continuously for 24H for 15 consecutive days. Technology and quality departments have checked the installation of boards carefully, and insisted on the simultaneous self-inspection and construction. The safety management department has jointly inspected for many times to examine construction electricity, mechanical safety and edge protection in detail. Engineers has prepared plans in advance, kept standing by and making multi-frequency disclosure to provide technical support for, coordinate and supervise the progress. After the two-week cooperation between Chinese and foreign engineers and workers, the main block of the two units has been successfully closed and sealed.

  Hunutlu 2×660MW Coal-fired Power Plant, which locates in Adana, Turkey, is invested with 1700 million USD and includes 2 sets of 660MW ultra supercritical coal-fired units; besides, FGD and SCR equipment are simultaneously constructed. The plant is to be put into commercial operation in 2022 and it will be a clean, efficient and reliable world-class power plant by then.
Author: Yu Feng
Translator: Duan Lisha


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