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China Coal Group Pingshuo Power Plant Unit #1 Undertaken by AEPC Successfully Synchronizes
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Shanxi China Coal Group Pingshuo Power Plant Unit #1, the world first 660MW-class CFB power plant, constructed by China Energy Engineering Group Anhui No.1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd(AEPC), has been successfully synchronized to the state grid at 15:38, May 17, 2020.  

Project with two units and each capacity of 660MW, located within Recycle Economic Park, Pinglu Area, Shuozhou City, Shanxi Province, is a key environmental protection project in Shan’xi Province, as well as the biggest capacity CFB single unit with combustion fuel of high sulfur content and low heat coal.

    Since work resumption, we have overcome the negative influence from Covid-19 and prepared a series of anti-epidemic measures, actively contacted the Owner to mobilize local construction resources to ensure project progress, and has realized the grasping of the two links of anti-epidemic and construction. In addition, the project department enhances process control and safety construction and executes fine management, and has accomplished milestones such recovery after soot-blowing, main turbine rotation and FWP turbine rotation with high standard subsequently, which has laid a solid foundation for the synchronization of  Unit #1. 



(Author: Hong Jiawei; Translator: Zhang Qingfu)


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