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Jhang, Pakistan: Successful Erection of Turbine 2#
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Jhang, Pakistan: Successful Erection of Turbine 2#

May 22, 2018


     On May 16,  hoisting of gas turbine Project in Pakistan is completed successfully, which works as premises for subsequent installation.

  The gas turbine is SGT5-8000H super gas turbine produced by Siemens, Germany(the largest gas turbine in the world at present), which is 13565 mm in length, 5930 mm in width, 5470 mm in height, 454 t in total weight and 2,500 mm in seated height. It is hoisted by SBL900t hydraulic gantry crane.

  Because a foundation in front of the gas turbine was constructed, and the SBL 900 t hydraulic gantry crane needed to move for about 25m from hoisting to positioning, which exceeded the length of the existing gantry crane track. Therefore, the gantry crane track needs to be re-laid during hoisting, which will increase time of hovering at a high altitude.

  To ensure smooth positioning of gas turbine,  we,  on behalf of the general contractor, together with NESPAK as supervisor and the owner PTPL, carefully reviewed construction schemes submitted by the construction unit, checked hoisting machinery conditions and prepared conditions, participated in safety and technical disclosure, and always stood by during whole hoisting process. After more than five-hour efforts of mutual-cooperation of all employees, finally, the largest gas turbine in the world is hoisted in place safely and sucessfully.


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